Life insurance while sick

Get Life Insurance Even While Being Sick 

If you are sick or confined to a hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility or skilled nursing facility you can get life insurance with no health questions – Qualifying Age 50 to 80. You cannot be denied coverage as there are NO HEALTH QUESTIONS or Medical Exam To Qualify. Your coverage will Last your whole life with no premium increase.

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Our A+ Rated life insurance carrier will provide you with low cost Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance coverage while being sick or even bedridden. Fill out our Contact Form to request a quote on a Whole Life Insurance policy that’s just right for you. Get Quick Approval and your certification of coverage within a few days.

Benefits of Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance Policy:

    • Your policy last your whole life

      Life insurance while sick

      Life insurance while sick

    • You policy face value never decrease
    • Your whole life policy builds cash value
    • Permanent Life Insurance
    • Your monthly premium (payments) will never increase
    • No physical exams or health questions to qualify
    • Pays your beneficiary as long as premiums have been paid
    • Policy cannot be revoked by the insurance company
    • Guaranteed Acceptance – Qualifying age 50 to 80
    • Level Premiums – Payments does Not increase
    • Benefits that are never reduced because of your age or health

Get Life Insurance While Being Sick
Qualifying Age 50 TO 80 – NO MEDICAL EXAM TO QUALIFY

If you are sick or in a nursing home or hospital and need a Whole Life Insurance Policy, fill out the contact form above for a Quick Quote from a Licensed Life Insurance Agent Today. Your policy can cost as little as $1 a day.

Guaranteed Acceptance Whole life Policy

Our life insurance agents specialize in knowing the most affordable coverage options with the best life insurance companies for your condition while being sick. The agent will assist you in obtaining the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Keep in mind that while a this type policy; Guaranteed Acceptance whole life insurance policy may cost a little bit more than traditional life insurance policy, you will not have to worry about the possibility of being rejected due to your health issues. As you can always get coverage regardless of your medical condition. You will not have to submit to a medical examination or provide any information about your health condition. Guaranteed Coverage Acceptance is available for individuals age 50 to 80. By working with our licensed agents who specialize in this type of life insurance, you will increase your chances of finding the most affordable coverage. If you are sick and have a major health conditions you will qualify for coverage because the policy is Guaranteed accepted – You Cannot Be Denied Coverage For Any Health Reasons OR Physical Condition. Remember, there are no health questions or medical exam to qualify for coverage.

NO Health Questions Required To Qualify

To get life insurance coverage while being sick you need to talk with a life insurance agent that have the necessary connections with the right type of insurance companies as most companies will not provide coverage if you are sick. We have Life Insurance carriers that will provide you with coverage even if you are sick and living in an assistant living retirement home. There are NO Health Questions required to qualify and No Medical Exam. Even if you have major illness such as: Alzheimers, Atrial Fibrillation, Cancer, Heart Bypass, Cardiomyopathy, Cerebral palsy, Cerebrovascular Disease, COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease, Dementia, On Dialysis, Heart Attack, Heart Disease, Heart Valve Surgery, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Leukemia, Liver Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Organ Transplant, Pacemaker, Pancreatitis, Parkinsons Disease, Renal Failure, Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack. You can Always Get Coverage as there are NO Health Questions OR Medical Exam required to qualify for coverage. Policy Information: The policy will pays 110% of total premiums if insured dies within first 2 years. Policy Pays 100% of face value after 2 years – (Full Death Benefit paid in first two years for deaths due to an accident).

You can get whole life coverage even if you have illness listed below.

Addisons AIDS Alzheimers Anemia Aneurysm Angina Angioplasty Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Atrial Fibrillation Basal cell skin cancer Bipolar disorder Bronchiectasis Heart Bypass Cancer Cardiomyopathy Cerebral palsy Cerebrovascular COPD Congestive Heart Failure Coronary Artery Disease Crohns Disease Cystic Fibrosis Defibrillator Dementia Depression Diabetes Dialysis Emphysema Epilepsy Esophageal Varices GERD Heart Attack Heart Disease Heart Murmur Heart Valve Surgery Hepatitis B Hepatitis C High Blood Pressure or Hypertension Hodgkins Disease Hyperthyroidism Irregular Heartbeat Kidney Stone Leukemia Liver Disease Lupus Lymphoma Malignant Melanoma Migraines Mitral Valve Prolapse Multiple Sclerosis Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Organ Transplant Pacemaker Pancreatitis Parkinsons Disease Peripheral Vascular Disease Pneumothorax Pulmonary Embolism Renal Failure Rheumatoid Arthritis Sarcoidosis Schizophrenia Sleep Apnea Stent Stroke Transient Ischemic Attack Ulcerative Colitis.

Or any other illness. With our Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy you cannot be denied coverage. Qualifying age 50 to 85.