Pacemaker life insurance coverage

Life Insurance Coverage with Pacemaker 

Nowadays we are starting to see  many life insurance companies are providing coverage for people with pacemaker. As the technology has improved, pacemakers are  now helping more people live normal, healthy lives. A few decades ago this was not the case, people with pacemakers had almost no chance at purchasing a life insurance policy.

With more people living longer with pacemakers underwriters are adjusting their requirements to help accommodate people seeking life insurance.

In addition to the improved technology, life insurance carriers have become fully aware that there is a large population of people living with pacemakers and they are not going to ignore this market. Some life insurance companies specialize in approving people with pacemakers, depending on the reason for the pacemaker.

Insurance Company Underwriting Risk Assessment For Coverage With Pacemaker 

While having a pacemaker does not mean you will automatically be denied life insurance coverage, you will need to be extremely patient with the approval process. If the pacemaker was implanted for substance or alcohol abuse, most insurance companies will postpone your application for at least a few years after you have completed treatment for your addiction.

In cases such as tachyarrhythmia, which is usually brought on by emotional stress or excessive alcohol consumption, a pacemaker is only used temporarily until the condition improves. Pacemakers are electronic devices that are designed to help regulate a person’s heart rhythms.  The insurance company will review the underlying reason for pacemaker before approving your policy.

Everyone’s situation is different and in order to increase your chances of finding an affordable policy, it’s best to work with an agent that is appointed by multiple companies. There are many serious ailments that pacemakers are used to correct, and the insurance company you apply with will need to know the medical condition that the pacemaker was implanted for. Assuming the individual is otherwise healthy and no other lifestyle concerns are found, these situations tend to be ideal for purchasing life insurance.

Getting life Insurance With A Pacemaker

As a senior, if you are seeking life insurance coverage after having a Pacemaker Implant we can help. Some life insurance companies may not provide coverage if you have had a Pacemaker Implant, due to their underwriting risk assessment. However our A+ Rated life insurance carriers will provide you with low cost life insurance coverage (With No Medical Exam) if you have had a Pacemaker Implant. Fill out our Contact Form to request life insurance coverage if you have had a Pacemaker Implant or other medical issues.

Some causes and symptoms associated with the need for a Pacemaker:

    • Arrhythmias

      Pacemaker life insurance

      Pacemaker life insurance

    • Heart’s rhythm is abnormal.
    • Normal aging of the heart disrupting heart rate
    • Heart beat too slow
    • Heart beat too fast
    • Heart muscle damage
    • Heart attack
    • Genetic conditions
    • Bradyarrythmias
    • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    • Syncope (fainting spells).

You Can Get Life Insurance Coverage
If you have had a Pacemaker Implant

If you have had a Pacemaker Implant or have any other illnesses, fill out the contact form above for a Quick Quote from a Licensed Senior Life Insurance Professional in Your State. Your policy can cost as little as $1 a day.

Our Agents Specialize In Knowing The Best Company To Apply For Coverage With Pacemaker

We do our best in getting you the lowest cost coverage for your condition. Our Agents at SeniorCareLife specialize in knowing the most affordable coverage options with the best life insurance companies for your condition. Our agents will assist you in obtaining the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Some people with Pacemaker Implant are now living full and normal lives. With today’s high medical cost, any money saved will help in reducing your over all monthly expenses in managing your health condition.

With having a pacemaker you can help to improve you health condition by taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor and keep up with your doctor visits. Even If your health condition with a Pacemaker Implant is deteriorating and you are concerned that you will not qualify life insurance, you can still get coverage. By working with an agent who specializes in high risk of life insurance coverage, you will increase your chances of finding the most affordable coverage.

When applying for a policy with any of our carriers, keep in mind that you will not have to submit to a doctor’s medical examination and in some cases will not need to submit any information about your health condition. With some of our policies you will not have any health questions or medical exam to qualify for coverage. To get the best rate life insurance coverage with a Pacemaker Implant you need to talk with a life insurance agent that have the necessary connections with the right type of insurance companies. By showing the insurance company that you have been taking care of your medical condition, you may qualify for a lower monthly premium.

If you have had a Pacemaker Implant and need life insurance, one of the most important steps you can take toward getting coverage is to work with a life insurance agent who specializes in obtaining life insurance coverage for people with that condition. You can also keep your life insurance qualifying costs down by avoid smoking. Keep in mind that you can always get coverage with a Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance Policy regardless of your medical condition – No Medical Questions or Medical Exam required to qualify.  Your agent will know about the insurance companies underwriting criteria and requirements for life insurance coverage with a Pacemaker Implant.

We can also get you a Whole Life Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam. You may qualify for:

If you have already requested your senior whole life insurance quote, our agents will call you back soon as possible to discuss your condition and give you a free no obligation quote on your whole life insurance policy.