Life insurance policies for people with Addison’s Disease.

At Senior Care Life we specialize in finding life insurance policies for people with a variety of health conditions including Addison’s Disease. With our years of experience working with different medical conditions we can also offer some insights if you are seeking Addison’s disease life insurance coverage.

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Addison’s disease is a rear condition, so there may be little information available about it in connection with life insurance. While well-known case of common diseases such as cancer and heart disease are preferential in search results, Addison’s disease is lesser known. Most people are aware that certain diseases or health conditions can negatively impact an application for life insurance. Here we will provide you with information on how Addison’s disease will affect your life insurance application.

Addison’s Disease and How It’s Caused

Addison’s Disease is the result of the inability of the adrenal glands to make enough cortisol. Also known as adrenal insufficiency. The disease is a rare health condition and affect only about one out of every 100,000 people. Addison’s disease is typically detected through a routine blood test, checking for sodium, potassium and white blood cell levels. Cortisol is a hormone that helps the body to respond to stress, as well as regulate your body’s use of protein, carbohydrates and fat. There are 2 forms of Addison’s Disease. 1) Addison’s disease adrenal insufficiency; when the adrenal glands are negatively affected by a problem in another part of the body, such as the pituitary gland, Kennedy had the condition, and it affects both men and women. 2) Addison’s disease is also when adrenal insufficiency is a problem with the adrenal glands themselves, and is the more common form of the disease, accounting for about 70% of the cases.

Some symptoms associated with Addison’s Disease:

    • Weight loss and decreased appetite

      Addison's Disease life insurance coverage

      Addison’s Disease life insurance coverage

    • Muscle weakness and fatigue
    • Darkening of your skin
    • Salt craving
    • Low blood pressure, even fainting
    • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
    • Nausea, diarrhea or vomiting
    • Muscle or joint pains
    • Irritability
    • Depression
    • Body hair loss or sexual dysfunction in women

Addison’s Disease Treatment

The success level of Addison’s disease treatment is extremely high, and there is no negative impact on the person’s life. However a person with the disease will likely have to wear a medic alert bracelet, to let health practitioners know to treat the condition in the event of an attack. The disease is caused by a lack of normal hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands. As a result, it can be treated by replacing the hormones, which is referred to as hormone replacement therapy.  This is done through dosages of hydrocortisone, which is a steroid hormone. A synthetic steroid can also be taken. Whichever is chosen, the dosage level must be increased during times of surgery, infection, injury or general increases in stress levels.

Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

As a senior, if you are seeking Addison’s Disease life insurance coverage we can help. Some life insurance companies may not provide you with coverage if you have Addison’s Disease, due to their underwriting risk assessment criteria. However our A+ Rated life insurance carriers will provide you with life insurance coverage while you have Addison’s Disease or other medical condition. Fill out our Contact Form to request life insurance coverage if you have Addison’s Disease or other medical issues.

Life Insurance Company Underwriter Assessment Of Addison’s Disease

For applications that require answering health questions the insurance company will contact the provider to get specific medical records related to the condition. This will include common lifestyle conditions, such as smoking, obesity, and any history with drug or alcohol abuse. The main factors determining application approval and premium level will be your management of the condition, as well as your overall level of health. If you have the condition you will normally be treated by an endocrinologist.

The insurance company will want to know when the condition was first diagnosed, if there are any complications since, and that you are on a continuing therapy of hormone replacement using either oral medications or regular injections. This will be evidenced by events related to your condition, including hospitalizations and emergency room visits.  Higher premiums may be charged if you have other health-related conditions, or if your Addison’s condition is not fully responding to hormone replacement therapy. The insurance company will also be concerned with the general state of your health.

Since Addison’s disease is highly treatable, your chance of getting life insurance coverage at standard or preferred rates is very good. They will also investigate your overall medical history, including previous surgeries, hospitalizations, and any other medications taken. They will also consider other medical conditions, including hypertension, heart disease, and experiences with any other types of disease. This is why it is so important to be absolutely honest in completing your life insurance application.

Applying For Life Insurance With Addison’s Disease

At Senior Care Life we focus on finding the best policy for our clients, so put our experience to work for you. Our service is free and will not increase the premium you pay for your Addison’s Disease life insurance policy. You have nothing to lose by letting us guide you through the process of getting your policy. Our expertise and years of experience will increase the odds that your application will be approved. Also getting you the most affordable premium on your policy. We have been in the life insurance industry for many years.  So we know the preferred companies to submit your application in order to get quick approval with your health condition.

You Can Get Life Insurance Coverage With Addison’s Disease

No Medical Exam

To get life insurance coverage with Addison’s Disease you need to talk with a life insurance agent that have the necessary connections with the right type of insurance companies. Your agent will know about the insurance companies underwriting criteria and requirements for life insurance coverage with Addison’s Disease. When applying for a standard life insurance policy, graded benefit coverage or a guaranteed life insurance policy with any of our carrier, keep in mind that you will not have to submit to a doctor’s medical examination and in some cases will not need to submit any information about your health condition. There are also things you can do to help getting coverage. Like taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor and keeping up with your medical visits. The agent will assist you in obtaining the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Any money saved will help in reducing your over all monthly expenses in managing your condition.

If you have already requested your life insurance quote, our agents will call you back soon as possible to discuss your condition and give you a free no obligation quote on your whole life insurance policy.