April 13, 2019

Best Rates on our $10000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

By admin

At Senior Care Life we have some of the best rates on a Whole Life Policy for seniors between age 50 to age 85. For example if you are a female age 55 you can apply for a $10000 Level Benefit Whole Life Insurance Policy with a

monthly premium of only $35.09 with one of our best carriers.$10000 Whole Life Policy At Only $35.09 For a 55 year old Female Non Smoker – Health Questions Only Required To QualifyWith this Level Benefit Whole Life Insurance Policy you will have full coverage starting on day 1 with no waiting period.

Your monthly premium will never increase and your $10000 face value will never decrease. Another great feature in this whole life policy is that your policy grows cash value over time. Every time you make a monthly premium a small portion of your premium is added to an accumulating savings portion of your policy.

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At a later date you can borrow from your cash value or if your financial situation change and you no longer need your policy, you can surrender your policy and get the accumulated cash value.

Get $10000 In Whole Life Insurance Coverage To Cover Your Burial Expenses

If you are younger or older that age 55 we have some great rates for you on a Whole Life Insurance policy. We have policies for seniors with qualifying age of 50 to 85. We also have a carrier that can provide whole life coverage for seniors up to age 89. With this carrier there are health questions required to qualify but no medical exam required.

$10000 Can Cover Most Funeral Cost

  • Hiring a Minister
  • Casket cost
  • Cost of Cemetery Plot
  • Cost of Headstone and Engraving
  • Funeral Service Cost
  • Wake and Visitation cost
  • Casket and family Transportation Cost

Average Funeral Cost
$8,000 to $10,000

Final expense life insurance Plan – Call a Licensed Agent at 800-308-9840 to get a Free Quote

Your Final expense life insurance Plan can cost as little as $1 a day –No Medical Exam Required. We have multiple final expense insurance plans available. You may be looking for burial insurance for parents. We have great plans that will provide coverage for you mom or dad.

You can also use your final expense life insurance plan to pay for:

  • Credit card debt.
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical bills
  • Terminal Illness Protection
  • Other end-of-life expenses

If you are between the age of 50 or 89 you can requested a quote on a $10000 whole life policy or any other face amount. Please fill out the quote request above and our licensed agent will call you back soon as possible to discuss the options we have for you and give you a free no obligation quote on your whole life insurance policy. In most situations we can get you a Whole Life Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam even if you have major illnesses.