August 17, 2021

$41.01 for $10000 Whole Life Policy – 65 year old female non smoker

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Today in our Whole Life Policy Quote of The Day we will look at $10000 coverage with Level Benefit. Their is no medical exam required to qualify; only answering some health questions. Your full coverage will start on “day 1” with no waiting period. The policy also grows Cash Value; so if you surrender the policy later you can get some of your money back.

Applying For Your Life Insurance Policy

Applying for a whole life insurance policy with Senior Care Life is very simple. First step is to Call 678-468-5163 OR fill out the quote request form above. Then one of our licensed Senior Care Life Insurance Agent will call you and ask you a few questions to determine the right policy type for you. 

Call Direct 1-800-308-9840

Todays quote is on a Female, 65 years old who does not smoke.

Coverage: $10,000 at $41.01 Per Month

We need to speak with you to determine the right policy quote for you based on your health condition. Because at Senior Care Life we have 2 Types Of Whole Life Insurance Policies

  1. Level Benefit: Health Questions Required To Qualify (Best Rates – NO Waiting Period)
  2. Guaranteed Acceptance: NO Health Questions Required To Qualify. (For seniors with major health issues)

If you are happy with the quote given to you, the agent will proceed to fill out the application with you over the phone. The agent will ask you the required health questions if you are doing a level benefit policy. Please be very truthful when answering the health questions on the application. Because if the medical information bureau file reported to the insurance company contains conflicting information, the insurance underwriters may deny your coverage. If you are doing a Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life policy there is no health questions required. So this is a very short application. The agent will email or post mail you the application for your review and signatures.

In 2021 USA Funerals are not cheap. Nation wide the average funeral cost is between $7,000 and $12,000. Do you have that kind of cash sitting around? Does your family have it? This is why you need a burial insurance plan; a small whole life insurance policy to cover your burial cost.

Expenses Associated With Burial Cost

  • Hiring a Minister
  • Casket cost
  • Cost of Cemetery Plot
  • Cost of Headstone and Engraving
  • Funeral Service Cost
  • Wake and Visitation cost
  • Casket and family Transportation Cost

Average Funeral Cost in 2021
$7,000 to $12,000

Our Professional Senior Life Insurance agents are fully licensed in your state and ready to take your call. We specialize in finding you the best life insurance plan for your situation. Even if you are sick and in the hospital, we have a plan for you. We will assist you in finding the best rate plan from a A Rated Senior Life Insurance Company. Please call us Direct at 800-308-9840 if you need a funeral insurance policy or if you have questions on our service. Even If you are in NY or Hawaii, we can get you a Senior Care Plan.