September 12, 2017

How to apply for your senior whole life insurance policy.

By admin

Applying for a whole life insurance policy with Senior Care Life is very simple. First step is to Call 678-468-5163 OR fill out the quote request form above. Then one of our licensed Senior Care Life Insurance Agent will call you and ask you a few questions to determine the right policy type for you. 

Call Toll Free (800) 398-0254

We need to speak with you to determine the right policy quote for you based on your health condition. Because at Senior Care Life we have 2 Types Of Whole Life Insurance Policies. 

  1. Level Benefit: Health Questions Required To Qualify (Best Rates – NO Waiting Period)
  2. Guaranteed Acceptance: NO Health Questions Required To Qualify. (For seniors with major health issues)

If you are happy with the quote given to you, the agent will proceed to fill out the application with you over the phone. The agent will ask you the required health questions if you are doing a level benefit policy. Please be very truthful when answering the health questions on the application. Because if the medical information bureau file reported to the insurance company contains conflicting information, the insurance underwriters may deny your coverage. If you are doing a Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life policy there is no health questions required. So this is a very short application. The agent will email or post mail you the application for your review and signatures.

NO Agent Will Visit You as all applications are done over the phone. NO Medical Exam Required To Qualify for any of our policies. 

The quickest way to submit your application is to do an eApplication with the agent over the phone. With this process the insurance company will send you an email with a link to view your completed application on their secured server and ask you to apply your electronic signature. The agent will stay on the phone with you to provide assistance in completing the eApplication. Once completed, your application will be immediately submitted to the insurance company.

If your application has been post mailed to you, you will need to review the application, add the missing information such as your social security number and payment information. Also sign and date the application. Then post mail or fax the completed application to the agent. Your received application will be signed by the agent and submitted to the insurance company on a secured fax line for processing.

Once your application has been submitted to the insurance company, the agent will call you to confirm that your application has been submitted. The agent will contact you and inform you of any new updates on the application process. The application process usually takes about 4 to 5 days. Once your application has been approved, the insurance company will email the agent to confirm the approval. The agent will call you to confirm that your application for life insurance has been approved. Within 10 business days after approval, the insurance company will then post mail to you, your Whole Life Insurance Policy Statement Of Insurance (policy packet) for your confirmation and record keeping.

If you are denied coverage on a level benefit policy, we will recommend another insurance company that will most likely approve your coverage.  Keep in mind that we do have Guaranteed Acceptance (GA) Whole Life Insurance Policies available. With our GA policies you cannot be denied life insurance coverage if you are age qualified (50 to 85).