April 23, 2017

How will smoking affect my life insurance premium?

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Q) How will smoking affect my life insurance premium.

A) Smoking will affect the premium of your Burial Insurance policy. Your premium will cost more. To get a quote on Smoker or Non-Smoker Rates on your policy call 678-468-5163, OR fill out the contact form for a Quick Quote from a licensed agent in Your State. No Medical Exam Required. Qualifying age 50 to 85.

Smoking Will Increase The Premium On Your Policy. Your life insurance premium will increase by about 15-20% if your smoke.

Smoker/Non Smoker Burial Insurance Premium Examples

Non Smoker
Non Smoker Age 50 $5,000 $13.94 p/m
Smoker Age 50 $5,000 $17.37 p/m
Non Smoker Age 60 $5,000 $18.04 p/m
Smoker Age 60 $5,000 $23.94 p/m


The smoker will pay more on the premium as the insurance company classify you for a higher risk of lung disease or lung cancer. These higher premiums over non-smokers are equivalent with demographics and health conditions. If the annual premium for a non-smoker is for example $500 per year, it will be upwards of $600 per year for a smoker.

Increased premiums for smokers can vary, because there can be different levels for smokers depending on the health insurance classification by each insurance company. Such as:

  • Preferred Non-Tobacco
  • Standard Non-Tobacco
  • Preferred Tobacco
  • Standard Tobacco

As a smoker, even though you will pay more for life insurance, you will generally still be able to get coverage. The smoking population is very large in America and around the world. So the insurance companies cannot ignore the need of this population to get coverage. To make the coverage available the increased the risk classification thereby increase the premium. You do have options to lower your premiums by lowering your coverage amount when applying for your burial insurance policy.

Get A Burial Insurance Policy even if you are a smoker Age 50 to 85

Benefits of having a Burial Insurance Policy:

    • Your burial policy last your whole life
    • You policy face value never decrease
    • Your burial policy builds cash value
    • Smoker or Non-Smoker Qualifies
    • Your monthly premium (payments) will never increase
    • You can never outlive your burial policy
    • Pays your beneficiary as long as premiums have been paid
    • Policy cannot be revoked by the life insurance company
    • Guaranteed Death Benefit
    • Level Premiums
    • Burial Policy cannot be cancelled except for lack of payment

Get Burial Insurance Coverage | Smoker – Non-Smoker


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