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Low Cost Senior Whole Life Insurance

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Does my life insurance premium have to be paid monthly?

Q) Does my life insurance premium have to be paid monthly?

A) Your monthly premium is the monthly cost of your life insurance policy. You premium does not have to always be monthly. Your premium can also be Quarterly (paid every 3 months), Biannual (paid every 6 months) or annually (paid every year). Most people pay for their life insurance policy on a monthly basis. You can always call the insurance company and request a new payment option that works best for you.

Level Benefit Whole Life Policy Quote Examples

Non Smoker



Age 50


$13.94 p/m

Age 55


$15.80 p/m

Age 60


$18.04 p/m


Live Agent Assistance Will Get You The Best Burial Insurance Rate

We Will Help You Get A Low Monthly Premium Whole Life Policy
Many seniors suffer from age related illness such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Renal Failure, Cancer and other major diseases for which sometimes they are unable to get a final expense or burial insurance coverage.  Sometimes if they do get coverage, the monthly premium is at a very high cost. Our live Licensed Life Insurance agents are specialized in getting you the best low monthly premium burial insurance policy through our A Rated Life Insurance carriers regardless of your health condition. Qualifying Coverage Age 50 to 85 – No Medical Exam Required.

Benefits of having a Burial Insurance Policy:

    • Your burial policy last your whole life

      Life insurance premium
      Life insurance premium
    • You policy face value never decrease

    • Your burial policy builds cash value

    • Permanent Life Insurance coverage

    • Your low monthly premium (payments) will never increase

    • You can never outlive your burial policy

    • Pays your beneficiary as long as premiums have been paid

    • Policy cannot be revoked by the life insurance company

    • Guaranteed Death Benefit

    • Level Premiums

    • Burial Policy cannot be cancelled except for lack of payment

You Can Get A Low Premium Burial Insurance Policy

Our live agents can get you a Whole Life Burial Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam. Even if you have serious related illness. 

We shop the lowest monthly premium rates in Burial Insurance or Final Expense Life Insurance Policies with major A+ rated companies. Our policies require no medical exam to qualify for coverage.

There are No health questions required to qualify for your burial insurance coverage. Your monthly Premium Rates will never increase. Your Benefits are never reduced because of your age or health. Benefits paid directly to your beneficiaries and may be used as you requested.

Coverage requires No Medical Exam to Qualify. Qualifying age 50 to 85

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Average Burial Cost – $8,000 to $10,000

Get A Free Low Cost Burial Insurance Quote From A Licensed Life Insurance Agent!

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