June 27, 2017

How Do I File A Life Insurance Claim?

By admin

Get The Name Of The Life Insurance Company

Find the name of the life insurance company you have the policy with.  You don’t need the policy in hand to make your claim, or even the policy number. If you know the name of your life insurance company, or the name of the agent who sold the policy, the company will look up the policy number for you when you call.

Submit The Death Certificate

Get the death certificate – You’ll need to supply proof of death. The death certificate will need to be submitted to the insurance company to establish your your claim.

Fill Out The Paper Work

With most life insurance companies you can find the necessary paper work needed on line. Fill out the company’s claim paperwork. You can also call the insurer to get the paperwork.

Fax, Post Mail or Email the paperwork:

Typical claim forms ask for basic details about you and the deceased person, and how you would like to be paid.

Wait for Your Benefit Check 

Insurers generally pay life insurance claims within a week or two of receiving the paperwork.