Simplified Issue Life Insurance Policy

A Simplified Issue Policy is a life insurance policy that allows you to qualify with minimal health questions. This type of insurance is usually intended for people who need to buy life insurance immediately and / or who do not want to have a medical examination. The policy is designed to provide a small amount of life insurance quickly, without the 2 to 6 week wait commonly associated with conventionally fully underwritten policies that require a medical exam. With a simplified issue policy, you don’t have to go through a medical exam to qualify for coverage, which can take weeks or months with a standard policy.

The death benefit payout of a Simplified Issue Policy can vary from $5,000 to even more than $50,000 if you can afford it. The premiums are generally higher than a typical term life policy. The non requirement of any medical examination means that underlying health issues cannot be taken into account. Since the risk of this type of policy is considered higher, the premium will be higher.

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