No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance Policy For Seniors

Seniors who are in relatively good health in most cases can qualify for a No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance policy. This is not usually from a policy application you would get in the post mail. In most cases you will need to speak with a licensed life insurance agent who will ask you the qualifying health questions required by the insurance company.

Even if you have  Diabetes or other health conditions such as high blood pressure that are medically under control in most cases you still can qualify for coverage. With a simplified Issue application there is No Medical Exam Required. Only Health Questions Asked on the application.

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This type of coverage in the life insurance industry is commonly referred to as a Level Benefit Whole Life Coverage. Your policy coverage begins on day one with full benefit (or Face Value) which is payable to you beneficiary at any time you pass away. The benefit does not decrease over the life of the policy. Nor does it increase. The benefit stays Level For The Life Of The Policy. The life of most Whole Life Policies is up to age 121. So the senior is covered for life at the same level benefit.

Benefits of having a No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance Policy:

Whole Life Insurance Coverage No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance Coverage

  • Your policy last your whole life
  • You policy face value never decrease
  • Your whole life policy builds cash value
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Your monthly premium (payments) will never increase
  • You can never out live your policy
  • Pays your beneficiary as long as premiums have been paid
  • Policy cannot be revoked by the insurance company
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • Level Premiums
  • Policy cannot be cancelled except for non payment

You Can Get A No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance Policy

If you are age 45 to 85 and seeking a whole live insurance policy with immediate protection you can speak with one of our licensed agents at Senior Care Life. Or fill out the contact form above and an agent will call you and ask you a few questions to see if you qualify. We have several different companies with different underwriting criteria. We will try our best to find the right company for you based on your health condition. There will be situations in which you may not qualify for a No Waiting Period Whole Life Insurance Policy because of your illness. If that is the situation you will still qualify for Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance policy. With this type of policy there is No health Questions and No Medical Exam Required To Qualify. Call us for a quote today. We have life insurance coverage options for you.