February 17, 2021

How To Locate A Life Insurance Policy

By admin

The payout from a life insurance policy provides funds to help your loved ones pay for burial or funeral expenses. But claiming a death benefit can sometimes be complicated if you can’t find information on the policy, especially during a time of emotional stress.

“Who did mom have her life insurance policy with?

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A life insurance policy will pay a death benefit when the insured pass away. But you need to have knowledge of what company issued the policy in order contact them to make a death claim. Not having this information can be very frustrating as you plan an unexpected expensive event such as a funeral. Having that life insurance policy information can make the experience of submitting a death claim go much more smoothly.

We get many calls from people trying to locate a life insurance policy, especially for some one who is already diseased. This is often a frustrating situation as the surviving family member knew their diseased loved one consistently paid the premium on a life insurance policy.

To locate a life insurance policy the National Association Of Insurance Commissioners provide a online Life Insurance Policy locator Service.

To locate a life insurance policy please visit:


According to the NAIC website:

“The NAIC Life Policy Locator can assist you as consumers in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship. For information on how to complete the request form, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

When a request is received, the NAIC will:

  • Ask participating companies to search their records to determine whether they have a life insurance policy or annuity contract in the name of the deceased that you entered.
  • Ask participating companies that have policy information to respond to you, as the requestor, if you are the designated beneficiary or are authorized to receive information.”