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Low Cost Senior Whole Life Insurance

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2 Whole Life Policy Options

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Life Insurance For Seniors age 65, 75 or 85

If you still have dependents, you may want to leave behind a financial legacy, and life insurance can help you set that up with ease. In other words, a person who is 65, 75 or 85, years of age may still be able to buy a 10-year term policy, but may not be able to buy a 15 or 20 year term life insurance policy, for example. Life insurance can also help provide for a special-needs dependent after you are no longer alive to do so. As many survivors discover, it takes time to amend the Social Security benefits and begin receiving assistance. However, there are some limitations when it comes to buying term life insurance.

After a cut-off point, term life insurance may no longer be available to you, but you can typical find certain types of permanent policies and annuities. Get Life Insurance For Seniors age 65, 75 or 85 – Call a licensed agent at 678-468-5163

Varieties Of Life Insurance Policies

There are varieties of age-limited universal life insurance policies you can purchase that have similar features to a term life insurance policy. If you’re retired, your spouse may be financially dependent on your pension income; if you pass away, your pension could cease as well, leaving your spouse in a difficult financial situation. Specifically, a life insurance policy can protect your family from funeral and death expenses, medical bills, and other outstanding debts such as mortgage payments, credit card bills and personal or business loans. These types of universal policies vary from one insurance company to another. If you pass away suddenly, your family members could be responsible for some major expenses, especially if you don’t have life insurance to help shoulder the burden. Your life insurance benefits may also be required to pay off any existing debts such as medical or funeral expenses or outstanding loans. Certain term lengths may no longer be available to you at a certain age. You can buy the policy for a specified time period or up to a specified age. You can Get Life Insurance is you are a Seniors age 65, 75 or 85 – Call 678-468-5163

How Life Insurance Benefits Are Paid

All life insurance companies have a cut off period for term life insurance policies, which can vary from company to company. Life insurance benefits are paid in the form of a lump sum payment and are generally non-taxable, so the beneficiaries can use the proceeds as they choose or need. The most important reason may be for income replacement. Both term and permanent life insurance policies are available for seniors, regardless of age. Life insurance for senior citizens can also be important if you’re planning an estate or family trust, or if you still have business obligations. Is It Possible to Get Life Insurance if You Are Over 65? Yes you can. Today there are many life insurance options available for Seniors age 65, 75 or 85.

Protect Your Family From End Of Life Expenses

Life insurance is an excellent way for seniors to protect their families from becoming financially burdened with end of life expenses. If there is insufficient retirement savings available to your survivors, depending upon their phase of life and needs, their dependents may experience the impact from a loss of income. Another benefit life insurance for seniors is that a policy will help bridge the gap which can occur for the survivor receiving Social Security benefits. Many senior citizens need life insurance for a variety of reasons. If you reach the cut-off age for a term policy, there are permanent life insurance options you can buy at any age, such as whole life or universal life. Life Insurance For Seniors age 65, 75 or 85 is available – Call  678-468-5163