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* Your Low Monthly Premium will never increase.

* Face value benefit amount will never decrease.

* No Medical Exam for you to qualify for coverage.

* Senior Care Plan will never cancel because of age.

* Life Insurance Policy Builds Cash Value and loan value for borrowing.

* Coverage last your whole life and will never change.

* Seniors Up To Age 85 Qualifies for coverage.

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Golden Memorial Insurance TV AD Commercial – Rate Comparison

Comparing Rates From Golden Memorial Is A Wise Thing

Did you just watched a recent TV AD commercial from Golden Memorial Insurance Company? If so, you may have found the commercial very informative on the many reasons you need a life insurance policy to cover your burial expenses. However, despite the great information provided, you need to be wise and compare their rates with other life insurance companies. Most people will just go for it and stick with the first offer they get. If you want to get the best rate on a life insurance policy you need to compare rates. You need to do your homework. Before you grab that phone and call, keep in mind that there are other great companies selling burial Insurance polices. It just makes sense to compare rates so know you got the best deal. If you have already called, you still made a good move. Because now you have their rates and you can compare with other companies. Our job is to help you shop for the best rates on your burial insurance policy. Fill out the form above to get our best rates and compare.

Getting Multiple Quotes On A Insurance Policy Is Good

The golden memorial life insurance TV commercial may be sleek and well presented but how do you know they are offering you the best rates? No one is saying golden memorial have bad rates, but if you want to save and get the best value for your money it just make good sense to get multiple quotes and compare rates. A good way to start is by getting at least 3 or more quotes from other final burial insurance companies and compare rates. To save money, shopping around before you make that decision is just a good thing to do. Burial cost keeps going up over time so you must consider getting the most coverage for your hard earned cash – Getting the best bang for your buck. If you are living on social security and finding it difficult to pay your bills saving money must be very important to you. Like most seniors, you know the importance of having a burial insurance policy. You never want to put that kind of expense on your family members. You can fill out the contact form above and get the best rates we have so you can compare and make the best decision.

Don’t Give In To High Sales Pitch From A TV AD

Golden memorial life insurance agents may sound real good over the phone and have a great sales pitch. However it’s never wise to cave in over the high sales pitch. Don’t decide on the first call. You want to shop around and compare rates. Today, as you know burial expenses keep going up so you need to look at getting the best life insurance value for your premium dollars. Shop around and compare rates so you get the beat deal. Make sure you are getting rates from established life insurance companies that have good ratings. Don’t feel pressured to buy during the first call. You can tell the agent you will think about the offer and call them back. Then call other companies and get other rates to compare.

Having A Second Opinion Is Wise

Having a second opinion before buying any life insurance policy is a wise move. Golden memorial life insurance TV commercial may sound good but you need to get some one else to help you decide. It’s best to consult with a family member or friend who knows your financial situation. Someone close to you who knows you well and can give you good advise. Having that second eye to look at your finances and see if you can really afford that extra bill. You don’t want to waste money by having to cancel your Golden Memorial life insurance policy because it was just too costly for you. You would have wasted all that money. So get a close family member or friend involved while deciding on your burial insurance policy. Your friends and family are there to help you. Their advise will help you save money and find the best life insurance policy for your situation. If after comparing rates you find the quotes you got from the Golden Memorial life insurance agent is the best – then go for it and get your policy started.

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MetLife TV AD Rate Comparison

It’s Always Best To Compare Life Insurance Rates You may have just been watching a MetLife TV AD and you promptly call the insurance company to get a quote. You did great! But always keep in mind that Metlife is not the only company that sells final expense or burial insurance policies. Its always best… Continue Reading

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One Response to Best Rates on our $10000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

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What options do I have if there is no money for burial?

If you have no money saved up for burial and have no burial insurance plan you may want to look at all possible options. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, The average funeral costs $7,181. That $7,181 includes a viewing and burial, embalming, hearse, transfer of remains, service fee and more.  If you know the inevitable is… Continue Reading

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How Is Life Insurance Premium Calculated?

The premium cost of life insurance can vary from company to company based on its operations and efficiency and cost of acquisition. It cost the insurance company in marketing and other expenses to secure a policy. The amount charged to cover each policy’s share of expenses of operation is called the expense loading. Insurance Interest… Continue Reading

How Do I File A Life Insurance Claim?

Get The Name Of The Life Insurance Company Find the name of the life insurance company you have the policy with.  You don’t need the policy in hand to make your claim, or even the policy number. If you know the name of your life insurance company, or the name of the agent who sold… Continue Reading

Does my life insurance premium have to be paid monthly?

Q) Does my life insurance premium have to be paid monthly? A) Your monthly premium is the monthly cost of your life insurance policy. You premium does not have to always be monthly. Your premium can also be Quarterly (paid every 3 months), Biannual (paid every 6 months) or annually (paid every year). Most people pay for their life insurance policy on… Continue Reading