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Low Cost Senior Whole Life Insurance

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78 year old life insurance policy quote

Get a 78 Year Old Life Insurance Policy Quote:

If you are at age 78, you can get a life insurance policy from one of our major life insurance companies. Request a quote today. Some Life Insurance companies have a cut off age of 75. However there are companies that provide coverage up to age 85. Our A+ Rated life insurance carriers will provide you with life insurance coverage for seniors up to 85 years old. At senior care life, we specialize in finding coverage for seniors up to age 85. We can get you a Whole Life Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam.

Call a Senior Care Life Licensed Agent at 678-468-5163 or Toll Free 888-684-1344

Most insurance companies will provide coverage in the following categories:

    • Standard Life Insurance Coverage

      78 year old life insurance policy quote
      78 year old life insurance policy quote
    • Substandard Life Insurance Coverage

    • Graded Benefit Life Insurance Coverage

    • Modified Benefit Life Insurance Coverage

    • Policies Are Whole Life Insurance Coverage

    • Policies Grow Cash Value

    • You Can Borrow From Cash Value

    • Excellent Premium Rates

    • Many Life Insurance Companies To Choose From

    • Covers Seniors with most medical conditions

    • No Medical Exam Required

You Can Get Life Insurance Coverage
Up To Age 85

78 year old life insurance policy quote

If you are age 78 to 85, fill out the contact form above for a Quick Quote from a Licensed Senior Life Insurance Professional in Your State. Your policy can cost as little as $1 a day.

We are Licensed Life Insurance Agents who specialize in Senior Life Insurance. We can get you a Whole Life Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam even if you have major illness. You may qualify for:

If you have already requested your senior whole life insurance quote, our agents will call you back soon as possible to discuss your condition and give you a free no obligation quote on your whole life insurance policy.

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